Professor Jeremy Everett

Professor Jeremy Everett BSc, PhD, FRSC, CChem

Professor of Pharmaceutical Technologies

Professor Jeremy Everett is Professor of Pharmaceutical Technologies in the School of Science within the Faculty of Engineering and Science.

Professor Everett's main research focus is on metabolic profiling, also known as metabonomics or metabolomics. He has a particular interest in studying the consequences of genetic mutations on metabolic phenotypes and on the interplay between the genome and microbiome. He co-conceived, and co-named metabonomics together with Professor Jeremy Nicholson. He is a co-discoverer of pharmacometabonomics: which is the ability to predict the effects of drugs prior to dosing via metabolic profiling, and he is a co-inventor on a granted patent in this area. Professor Everett is a co-leader of the Medway Metabonomics Group (MMRG). He is also a Visiting Professor in the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College.  

Professor Everett is the author of over 100 publications and reviews and a co-inventor on several patents.

Professor Everett consults for both major pharmaceutical and small biotech and research institutes on drug discovery. He is also a consultant for a New York law firm on pharmaceutical patents.

Prior to his current position, Professor Everett held a variety of drug discovery technology leadership positions at Pfizer, and before that GSK.

Professor Everett received both his BSc in chemistry and PhD in physical organic chemistry from Nottingham University. He was a Post-doctoral Fellow at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and a Research Associate at McGill University, Montréal.

Responsibilities within the university

Deputy Course Leader BSc Pharmaceutical Science.


  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)
  • Chartered Chemist (CChem)
  • Visiting Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College, London
  • Member of the American Chemical Society
  • Member of the Metabolomics Society
  • Member of Metabolite Identification Task Group
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Research / Scholarly interests

Professor Jeremy Everett's research covers metabolic profiling i.e. metabonomics and pharmacometabonomics, with a particular focus on the relationship between genetic mutation and metabolic phenotype. His current work is focused on genotype – metabotype correlations in the areas of obesity and ageing and he is a co-inventor on a recently filed patent on an anti-obesogenic agent.

Recent publications


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Book section

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Conference item

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Edited book

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