Dr Elena Belanova BA, MSc, PhD

Senior Human Sciences Technician (Psychology)

Key details

Dr Elena Belanova

Senior Human Sciences Technician (Psychology)

  • Faculty: Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences
  • Elena Belanova joined the University of Greenwich as a PhD student in October 2014. Elena has previously studied Psychology (BA) and Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (MSc). Her research interests primarily involve individual differences in face perception and face recognition ability. Her PhD thesis focused on investigating super-recognisers’ exceptional face processing skills, in order to identify specific cognitive and neural (EEG) markers of their superiority.

    In 2019 she has joined the Human Sciences Technicians team to provide research support to Psychology staff and students, while also assisting with teaching Research Methods in Psychology.

    Research / Scholarly interests

    Elena is interested in individual differences in face perception and recognition; and is primarily focused on examining super-recognisers’ exceptional face processing ability. The emerging research into superior face recognition is not only forensically applicable but can also contribute to theoretical development of face processing expertise.