Aneta Sahely

Aneta Sahely BSc

Graduate teaching demonstrator

Aneta is a teaching demonstrator in the department of Psychology. After graduating from Greenwich, she was determined to become part of the academic team that helped her excel during her studies. She enjoys leading seminars for various modules including research methods and statistics.

Aneta is also a covering lab technician. Her responsibilities include maintaining the psychology labs as well as managing specialist equipment and software (e.g. EEG, eye tracking tech). Her role also includes providing her expertise to students during their final year projects.

She is currently studying MSc in Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience. Her professional interests include research on sensory perception phenomena such as ASMR.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Module instructor/seminar leader
  • Technical support for student and staff research
  • Maintenance of psychology labs
  • Management of psychology equipment and software

Research / Scholarly interests

Aneta is interested in research within the field of neuropsychology. Her dissertation investigated the psychological and physiological effects of ASMR. She is also interested in working with sexual assault survivors and refugees, particularly on how effective EMDR therapy is in trauma processing.