Studying biology - a gateway to a range of careers


The university's three year BSc course, based on the Medway campus, can open the door to a huge range of opportunities and career paths

A Biology BSc degree at the University of Greenwich is the foundation for a wide range of interesting careers, from working in the conservation, ecology and international development sector to being employed by the biotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical industries.  

Studying a range of exciting topics, at the beautiful Medway campus, such as cancer therapeutics, plant biology and animal ecology, undergraduates are immersed into a learning environment which offers pure and applied science. From day one, they put theory into practice during laboratory sessions and fieldwork.

Biology student Sophie Hygate said: "Studying biology at the University of Greenwich has been one of the best experiences that I have had. I have gained so much from it. I've made lots of friends and I've learnt so much, and I want to apply my knowledge to help people first-hand as a GP."

This multidisciplinary degree, led by the Faculty of Engineering and Science together with the prestigious Natural Resources Institute (NRI) at Greenwich's Medway campus, offers undergraduates a cross-departmental understanding of biology from the molecular to the global ecosystem level.

Dr Sarah Arnold, Deputy Programme Leader, said: "This is a well-balanced biology degree offering students the opportunity to study a diverse range of subjects. Not only do students learn about biology, but they get to take their learning into field, where they gain invaluable experience relevant to a variety of different industries.

"Our biology graduates have gone on to have careers in range of different sectors, from agriculture to health. This degree could see students one day working as a nature conservation officer for an environmental charity, a pharmacologist for the NHS, or as a food security expert for an international non-governmental organisation (NGO)."

Greenwich Biology BSc students are taught by lecturers who, as well as being teachers at the University, are leading research-active experts in their fields, many of whom bring their experiences of leading international research projects into their teaching.

Students can specialise from year two onwards in a wide choice of modules and in their third year, working with academics in the relevant field, they will research an original laboratory-, field- or literature-based project of their choice. 

As well as offering the BSc Biology degree, Greenwich also offers a four-year Biology (Extended) BSc, which requires a lower entry tariff than the three-year course and starts with a foundation year. Students can also opt for the BSc Biology with a fourth year Master's option, leading to an MBiol qualification.

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